Durhan White Beach Resort


The Province of Cebu is known for its pristine white beaches and breath-taking panoramic resorts. One such paradise stands out, the Durhan White Beach Resort!

Durhan White Beach Resort is located in the rustic Tabunok, the 3rd largest barangay in the municipality of Tabuelan in Central Visayas. In 2015 population census, Tabunok has about 3,500 residents which is mainly the reason why the coastline has retained its unspoilt beauty.

The resort has been a landmark in Barangay Tabunok since it was built by Antonio Duran in 1920. The heirs of Antonio preserved his legacy and improved the place over the years.

The present generation was able to maintain and preserve the natural vista of the resort, much to the delight of the locals and visitors. No wonder why guests from here and abroad come to stay year after year.

The world-renowned hospitality trait of Filipinos is personified by the friendly and accommodating Durhan’s service crew. With 24/7 personalized services and world-class amenities, you will forget your stress and bask in the warm white sands from dawn till dusk.

Durhan White Beach Resort is known for its clean white sand, majestic sunset and glorious sunrise. The poetic beauty of the place is sure to fire up the artist in you.          

Safety and security within and beyond the resort is guaranteed by the honest and familiar faces of the locals and the visibility of the government authorities.