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How to get to Durhan White Beach Resort

Durhan White Beach Resort is in Barangay Tabunok, Tabuelan, Cebu. It’s one of the premier white sand resorts in the northern part of Cebu, Philippines. From the city, you only need to travel a distance of approximately 90 kilometers to reach this amazing paradise. The locals call it Little Paradise situated in the northwest side of the province.

The pristine white sand as well as the crystal clear waters attract many tourists, especially during summer. But how to get here?

Going to Tabuelan, Cebu

Since the resort is located in Tabuelan, Cebu, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the directions going to this small town. Although it’s not difficult to find the well-maintained beachfront and beautiful long shoreline, knowing where to go if you want to experience Durhan beach is important most especially if you’re using a private vehicle. So, to enjoy the beauty of this beach in Cebu, here are some tips and directions if you’re traveling to Tabuelan:

  1. From Cebu mainland, you will pass by two popular cities namely: Mandaue and Danao going to Sogod. Once you’re near Lugo Church, carefully turn left going to Tabuelan.
  2. When you reach the intersection of Tabuelan town, make a right turn with the San Remigio signage. The resort is only two kilometers far from the intersection and you would immediately see the Durhan signage with easy-to-follow directions.
  3. Going the southwestern side, another route should be followed. Both rented and private cars may take the Transcendental Highway passing through the barangays of Balamban, Tuburan, and Asturias. Following that direction, it will lead you to Tabuelan where Durhan Resort is located.
  4. Once you’re at the intersection, you will see the big signage and it becomes easier to reach the resort. Always remember to follow road signs and rules to safely and enjoyably experience this road trip.


What to Do and Expect There

Once you’re at the resort, you will witness the stunning natural beauty of the area. There are groups of tourists, local and international, that tour around the place. And during peak seasons, there are also company outings and team buildings done in Durhan. Be sure to choose the beachfront suites to get a grand view of the beach as well as the Negros Provincial Island that can be seen across the sea.

But did you know that there are approximately 3,000 white beach resorts in Cebu? Durhan is only one of them, but the experience and memories you will make here are truly incomparable. With plenty of interesting activities such as swimming, skimboarding, island hopping, bicycling, snorkeling, and motorbiking, families and group of friends will surely enjoy this escapade.


Other Fun Activities to Try

And if you want to find a quiet time, you can check out Lola Perta’s Park. The place is tranquil and peaceful, especially during sunset. Just sit back and relax while looking at the calm ocean close by. Some of the lovers and couple tourists hang out here to find quality time. You can take pictures around the area since there are lots of good background to use.

Other activities at Durhan Resort include dining, drinking wine and beer, sunset viewing, internet surfing with free Wi-Fi, watching TV at the rooms, and of course, beach bumming. Don’t forget to visit Sta. Cruz Chapel which celebrates annual Patron Fiesta every May 3. These are only some of the adventures you will enjoy while at Cebu’s famous Durhan White Beach Resort.

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